Posted by: Kristy | November 30, 2008

Is my ditzy side showing?

Lost —

A lump of what is commonly referred to as “gray matter”. (See: My brain.) This lump of nerves and other biomatter chose to abandon the lovely warm, safe home it formerly occupied in my skull and is now MIA. When approached, it might act a little cloudy, stutter and have problems putting sentences together. Which will aggravate you. It aggravates the brain’s owner.

It may even cause such actions as the owner leaving her house keys on her desk. In Toledo. When her apartment is 40 minutes away. And not realizing it until 9:30. At night. Or mailing bills — her electric bill, her cable bill, her credit card bill — only to find them in her mail box marked “returned for postage.” She forgot to put stamps on the envelopes.

However, this brain is missed. A lot. If found, please return to the cute, short, normally rational girl who is stuttering, having problems putting sentences together and is easily annoyed these days. She would like life to return to normal. Like when she and her brain were united.

Thanks for your help.

Also, if I don’t post for a long time, it’s because they turned my electric off.

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