Posted by: Kristy | November 24, 2008

I’d like a side of ridiculous, please.

During my morning Google News time (have I mentioned that I miss putting the news together? Only a million times? Ok, then.) I ran across a story on about an Arkansas couple who is suing a McDonald’s because nude photos of the wife appeared on the Internet after the cell phone containing the photos was allegedly left at the establishment.

Apparently McDonald’s employees promised to keep the phone secure but later the pictures, and the man’s name and address and telephone number, appeared on the Internet.

They’re suing for 3 million dollars.

Because the guy had to carry naked pics of his wife around on his phone.

Let’s forget the side of the argument that any personal property left at restaurants and such generally are immediately locked up in the manager’s office, if not in the safe, per company policy. Therefore, it would seem the employees would be the first place to look for whoever would put that information online — meaning they were playing with the guy’s phone first.

Those crazy kids.

If I were the guy’s wife, I would be more upset at him for carrying those pictures around on his phone where anyone could get a hold of them, and at myself for not deleting them after we took them, than I would be upset at the McDonald’s because I got stalkers out of the deal. I mean, fooling around with your spouse is one thing, but leaving them out there on a cell phone is just asking for something like this to happen.

I’m not at all negating the major breach of privacy here. But 3 million dollars? Because you didn’t check your pockets before you left? Or learn to use the delete button? Or carry non-naked photos of your wife? Really?

The lessons to be learned
• Ask “where is my phone?” Often. It’s OK to look like a doofus while patting every pocket and rifling through your purse like a mad woman. I mean, I’m OK with looking silly. You don’t see naked pictures of me on the Internet.

• Which brings us to the second lesson. All those spicy little games spouses play in the bedroom should probably stay there. In the bedroom. One of the reasons no naked pictures of me exist online is because I don’t let people take them. Crazy concept. Also, there’s no one to take them. But even when there was someone … still not happening.

• Take a Polaroid, they’re more secure these days.

Regardless … somehow I don’t think this couple is still “lovin’ it.”



  1. Excellent…This Regardless … somehow I don’t think this couple is still “lovin’ it.”

    The above…coup de grâce 

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