Posted by: Kristy | November 21, 2008

‘Tis what season?

I’ve noticed this odd trend cropping up on the exterior of houses and businesses, draped across some light poles and showing up in my friends’ living rooms. It’s starting to befuddle me.

What’s the deal with putting up Christmas decorations on, what’s today? Nov. 21.

Now, I love Christmas. The food, the spices, the giddiness, the reason we even celebrate the whole shebang (that would be JESUS). But I’m in a quandary because I also love Thanksgiving. The food, the spices, the giddiness, the football, the Turkey-induced coma. I feel as if we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, people.

I just checked my calendar, and November still comes before December. I’m still a huge believer in following the natural progression of things. November equals the first snow flurries that are still bearable, cranberry relish and pumpkin pie, family … you know, Thanksgiving. It’s when I get to break down and throw away my three-year-old winter boots that are falling apart and buy new adorable, stack heeled, square toed, high top black pleather boots. (Which are keeping my feet toasty at this very moment.) December equals gingerbread, egg nog lattes, family, snow storms that make me want to cry, the fires that we use to stave them off, low driving visability and, you know … Christmas.

The worst offenders are stores — I need to start keeping a record of what percentage of places I go are playing Christmas music. I understand that ’tis really the retail season, and with the economy giving everyone a scare the way it is, I’m sure the proprietors who depend on consumers so they, in turn, can HAVE Christmas this year are panicking. So they turn up Bing Crosby and let him croon shoppers closer to the register.

It’s just that time flies enough as it is. The older I get, the more it flies. Why don’t we just let things come as they come instead of rushing right past Thanksgiving? The still chubby teenager in me is excited for Thanksgiving — it’s a day where she gets to come out and enjoy herself. An extra piece of pumpkin bread? Sweet potatoes? Woo hoo! It’s the start of the season where I do a little less to keep her in check — why rush through?

Black Friday is exactly a week away, people. You can hold out seven days, I promise. And then let the festive Pandora’s Box explode — I’ll join right in.



  1. hey, I see I’m on your blogroll. Like your style. Amen to the sentiment of this post.

    Also, just making sure I don’t know you? I mean, I don’t see your name anywhere on here, but I see you are around my age and also love Jesus. just making sure I’m not supposed to know who you are =D

  2. Oooh, I know you, silly! Of course I remember you, I just didn’t know this was your blog.

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