Posted by: Kristy | November 16, 2008

I communicate for a living — my body doesn’t follow suit.

So, the physicians think they figured out what’s up with my little spontaneous passing out episodes — basically, miscommunication.

They call it neurocardiogenic syncope, where I guess my heart and my brain get out of whack — they’re not on speaking terms for a moment? or something — and my blood pressure drops waaaaaaay low. On Friday, I had to go to the hospital to have a tilt table test performed. It sucked. After lying flat for a few moments, they raised me straight up, slowly, to almost standing; immediately I started feeling nauseous and hot and like I was suffocating and within six minutes I was out. The RN said my blood pressure dropped so low the machine couldn’t register it. Cra-zy!

I think one of the funny ironic (ironically funny?) things is that even though it’s a condition that just pops up, it can be induced by anxiety and stress. Hmmmmm. I have none of that in my life right now, huh? Except I’m not sure how to fix that … without it sucking really, really badly.

So …. yeah. There’s the scoop.


  1. HEY! i have that too! i’ve had it since high school, when i started passing out in the middle of cross country meets. are you on medication? the doctor told me to drink a lot of gatorade for the electrolytes, which worked really well. i haven’t had any problems in ages.
    and yeah, the tilt table thing is horrible… i remember it well.

  2. […] that little communication issue my brain and my heart had last fall? And how my physician told me to start taking blood pressure […]

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