Posted by: Kristy | November 14, 2008

I blame the frog.

Came home from work today to find yet another fish dead, this one laying among the gravel on the bottom of the bowl.

Why was he laying on the gravel, his little fishy mouth formed into an “o” like he died scared or trying to breathe or eat, you ask? I’ll tell you why.

His freaking tail was gone.

Yeah, that’s right. Gone. There were three little spikes left. He couldn’t swim any more.

Pete couldn’t look me in the eye.*

I fear for Phillipe 2.0 — if he’s smart, he’ll stay far away from his bowl mate.

Somehow I have a feeling his days are numbered, too. What to do, oh what to do?!

* Alternate title: “I should have seen this coming.”


  1. […] started when he ate the tail of his former bowl mate, Edward, resulting in the guppy’s untimely death. So I bought him his own food in hopes that a protein-rich diet of freeze-dried blood worms would […]

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