Posted by: Kristy | November 12, 2008

The waiting. Oh, good lord, the waiting.

So, I have a very close friend who this week started to make some major, and much-needed and necessary, life changes. They are difficult changes that take concentrated effort, as well as patience and support from family and friends.

I know we have a God who is faithful. And who has, in all of my years on this earth, failed me this many times — zero.

It’s just so difficult. The emotional ravaging is exhausting, and I hate not knowing how to be myself … or how it seems like I feel like I don’t know how to be myself. Sometimes I don’t know how much longer I can keep going … and then I get a boost and see the positive and the hope and the potential.

And yesterday and today each had elements of positive change and enhanced the hope that, day by day, things will continue to fall into place into a much richer version of what was before

So I hold on to that. And keep pushing through to tomorrow. Then tomorrow, I’ll push through to the next tomorrow

So, not to cling to my mantra, but, “We’ll see.” We will indeed. 🙂

On a slightly unrelated note, today I received boosts of encouragement, from the same source both days, and I appreciated it so much! It just made me feel so worthwhile and … just so good. 🙂 A girl needs that now and again.



  1. Hang in there. It will get better. (It always does.) And come to dinner with me the weekend right after Thanksgiving! 🙂

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