Posted by: Kristy | November 9, 2008

They act like I don’t feed them

On a lighter note …

I was gone from early Saturday morning until early evening today on a Christmas shopping trip in Columbus with my mom, aunt and grandma. I fed the fish and the frog before I left yesterday to hold them over …

… and still came home to find MORE chunks missing from Edward’s tail. Pete smacked of guilty about the eyes.

And he still gobbled up all the food I promptly gave him.

You’d think he was a piggy instead of a frog. The worst (or best) part? Edward has a definite sideways direction when he swims now. Poor little guy. 😉


  1. […] * Alternate title: “I should have seen this coming.” […]

  2. […] started when he ate the tail of his former bowl mate, Edward, resulting in the guppy’s untimely death. So I bought him his own food in hopes that […]

  3. […] Never mind the fact that he becomes slightly cannibalistic at times when he’s feeling most orn…. Or when I’ve been gone for more than four days and he has a rumbly in his tumbly. When THAT happens, well, clearly he is not responsible for the way his animal instinct takes over. As I unfortunately discovered when I approached the fishbowl, my tongue-in-cheek “Hey, guys! Everyone still alive?” fading into a terrified squeal. […]

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