Posted by: Kristy | November 6, 2008

More than I bargained

So, I bought fish because I thought they would be the only low-maintenance men in my life.

Turns out I was wrong.
When I got home last night I discovered an African pygmy frog, a guppy with a whole fan tail and a guppy with chunks missing from his tail. Twenty minutes of watching showed that, indeed, Pete the frog was trying to eat Edward’s tail.

Turns out the sales people at Meijer are not at all well-versed in “aquatics.” First Erick sold me tropical fish (as if I know what I’m doing) and told me they would work in a fishbowl. So I unwittingly froze them. Niiiiiice.

Then Brittany at the Findlay Meijer told me my frog would eat goldfish food.

Steeeerike two!

Who else didn’t know African pygmy frogs are carnivores? Yeah, who’d a thunk.

Which is how I found myself buying Pete his own bottle of freeze dried blood worms today. Ewwwww.

But he seems to love them. And I get even more entertainment out of watching him stalk and attack his blood worms than I did watching him mope around the bottom of the bowl, nosediving into the gravel. He’s the coolest. And I’m the dorkiest. Heh.

Seriously, watching this little inch-long frog make himself as large as possible and get all in-the-wild acting is just late-night fodder for laughs to break up the loneliness of my apartment. It’s great fun. It would only be cooler if he could talk. Heh heh.

Guess that blows my theory of a low-maintenance relationship, huh?

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