Posted by: Kristy | November 5, 2008

Newsies — gettin’ the word out

Today Karen, Brittanie and I went to Perrysburg High School for a lunch room visit. We are getting so much positive response, and what we didn’t get in live contacts we made up for in teachers and other staff taking pens and saying how their daughter/neighbor/niece/neighbor’s son really wants to go to school for hair design and that they would pass the word on.

We pretty much littered that school with our information … and I’m learning that it often is surprising how these efforts return in the form of potential students. 🙂 It’s fun to watch students’ eyes light up when we start talking about how fashion plays such a large role in TONI&GUY’s background, and how we’re so upbeat and creative and looking for artsy students. Every student I talk to, I can’t help but wonder if they’re going to end up in the program. Of course, I hope so! But it’s just neat to think that I’ve already met so many of our future students.

So, pretty much, I love high school students. Bring. It. On. 🙂

Here are my beautiful partners in crime.

Brittanie and Karen

Brittanie and Karen

This is the basket of BedHead products (complete with our contact information) that we raffle off at every school.


It’s pretty much a good time. 🙂


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