Posted by: Kristy | November 2, 2008

No trick. Just a very nice treat.

Look what I got this weekend! On Friday, the final day of the month in which I was told I would get ALL of my furniture. Happy Halloween indeed!

Look! It's soft and pretty and holds people taller than me when they're stretched out! It even sits more than two people sitting up. I can have company now!

Look! It accommodates real-sized people, not just little ones like me, as did my old couches. Making progress, I say. 🙂 (And so do my tall friends.)

Please note, there is not the chair and ottoman I originally intended to have accompany my beloved lounging apparatus. Those are still on back order from the manufacturer* and I had to call the retailer for the thousandth time and make waves to even get this.

“Hi, I ordered my furniture back in August and they keep telling me two to three more weeks every time I call. Since the floor model is the exact same couch I ordered, can you just knock a little off the price and give me that one so I can sit on something other than my floor? Thanks!”

However, have it I do and what’s more, now I can have company! More than two of my friends can fit on my couch at once! Tall people can stretch out on it and I don’t have to listen to them whine about how it’s better if we hang out at their house because both of us fit on their couch when stretched all the way out and it’s just more comfortable to cuddle on adult-sized furniture. Not that I heard that often or anything. Or why I’ve spent so much of the past five months not in my own living room.

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend bonding with my couch, which involved many cups of coffee and laughing out loud to Jen Lancaster’s first two books. (I’m gearing up for the fourth book, set to be released in the spring, whee!)

All I need now is someone to fetch me fruit and fan me with a large palm frond while I read. Preferably male, Latin, hot and my age. Who can salsa dance. Yeah. 🙂 I’m just sayin’.

* Charles Schneider, you’re on notice. Also, I’ll be lucky if I have the rest by Christmas.

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