Posted by: Kristy | October 31, 2008

Guess I need to hold off on procreating … at least for a little while

I woke up this morning …

and my fish was dead.

I bought him on Monday.

I tapped the side of the tank and he just floated a little more horizontal, kind of evened out, while his buddy swam around him in circles. It was kind of sad.

I poked him with the net, trying to “wake him up” at 6 a.m.

No such luck.

I changed their water last night — dechlorinated it and let it warm up to room temperature and everything. I even bought them more gravel!

I fed them a flake each twice a day, like the directions said.

I’m not a horrible pet owner. Really!

Is God telling me something about my mothering skills?

Oh, good lord.

RIP Phillipe. I thought you were the strong one.

Guess Oscar’s going to be an only child until I can get to the store to buy Phillipe Jr. (version 2.0!*)

* Yes, like Dunder Mifflin Infinity 2.0. Geesh. 🙂


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