Posted by: Kristy | October 29, 2008

Instrospection can be a dangerous thing.

I snagged this from Megan’s blog. Sometimes things like this elicit some pretty interesting and random answers. 🙂

I am …. an emotional basket case these days.
I think … WAY too much, especially about things I can’t control.
I want … to feel truly rested for one day.
I have … a strong craving for strawberry shortcake right now.
I miss … innocence.
I fearletting people down.
I feel tired. I think I need to make Jay practice today. Getting our dance on always gives me energy!
I hear Matt White’s “Just What I’m Looking For” playing on my iTunes.
I smell … the fresh coffee sitting in front of me.
I crave physical affection. I need hugs like I need coffee — which is like how I need oxygen.
I cry all the time these days. At least that’s how it seems. But I try to reserve my 40-minute commute for Kristin-God-tear time.
I search for ways to love people better. I don’t think I always succeed …
I wonderhow my life is going to be different in six months.
I regret not fighting harder a year and four months ago.
I wish I had a micro-mini, short-haired black or chocolate wiener dog. With floppy ears and a snout. Who I will name Earnie.

I love … Jesus. 🙂 Not being fanatical or cliche. I really, really do.
I care if it rains on a day where I’ve spent the time to straighten my hair.
I worry that no matter how hard I try, I’m a ridiculous disappointment.
I am notgoing to choose to harbor bitterness or unforgiveness no matter what the circumstances. I am also not going to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt, even though some say I’m too trusting.
I remember this summer. I want it back.
I believe in love. I really, really do.
I sing in the car, where it won’t make any one’s ears bleed! 🙂
I don’t alwayswash my face and brush my teeth before I go to bed. I know, gross, but true. Only when I’m zombie-tired, though!
I argue … differently about some things than I did even a year ago.
I write because I can’t not write.
I win at Scrabble — most of the time
I lose patience with people. A lot. I’m challenging myself not to show it.
I listen … because that is one of the best ways to learn, I think.
I don’t understand ... God. Life. My life with God. But I’m learning that I don’t always have to understand.
I need a good winter dress for work.
I forget ... to water my plants. Which is why they always die and every year I buy new ones.
I am happywhen I am warm and have something yummy to drink while spending time with people for whom I don’t have to perform.

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