Posted by: Kristy | October 22, 2008

I like it better this way

I love that in the complexities of any relationship — family, friendship, romantic or otherwise — you never know exactly how things are going to work out. Sometimes you look at another person one day and think,” Hmmmm, this isn’t how I expected us to turn out. But I like it.”

I had one of those moments this week, and it was pretty cool. I’ve been fortunate to remain friends with (both)* of my former boyfriends. Granted, they’re totally different friendships than those we had even before we dated, (one was my best friend, too, so the change there pretty much stunk hardcore for what felt like forever, but that’s life) but it’s cool that we never ended up hating each other. I like that. I think it shows maturity. 🙂 Anyway …

One of them I met at church and we’re still involved in the same co-ed Bible study group and actually get along better now that we’re no longer dating. (Funny how that happens. And it only took us six stinking months to realize we were only meant to be really super good friends. Silly us.) We have the same random, sarcastic sense of humor and enjoy creating ways to entertain ourselves and no longer want to throttle each other — looks like we’re making progress! So on Tuesday as we were talking after our group meeting, I said, “Hey, Ben, guess what tomorrow is!” He responded with, “Yeah, I know! Oct. 22! Heehee.”

Oct. 22 would have been one year since we started dating and in the name of randomness and silly friendship he immediately said, “We should hang out!”

So we got coffee and just chatted about life and God and things we learned from our relationship and how we’ve been able to apply that to our lives now. It was so … fun. After weeks of fighting toward the end, it was so nice to be able to sit across the table from this man and really enjoy his laughter and his company again. I felt very blessed that we were able to end things before it went too far for us to be able to have a true friendship.

I also think it’s pretty hilarious I “celebrated” our one-year anniversary with my ex-boyfriend.

Sometimes the way we think things are going to work out aren’t the best way after all. Now isn’t that interesting?

* Remember that I am still on the newest thrill ride in Ohio, the Seth-tastic. Made entirely of emotions, the first of it’s kind, this ‘coaster is filled with twists, turns, loops, gigantic highs and crazy dips. Sometimes it seems like you’re getting off, and then you get pulled back on. Quite the ride, let me tell you. Either it evens out or it ends — I’ll find out one way or another.


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