Posted by: Kristy | October 20, 2008

Baby I’m still free, take a chance on me.* Well, on TiGi, actually.

Today is the day originally flagged as our official first day of classes here at the TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy in Toledo. Since in the beginning stages of all new businesses (actually, since in all stages of life in general) things occasionally don’t go to plan, our classes are now scheduled to begin Nov. 24. I cannot wait!

To take some of the sting out of waiting a few more weeks, here is an update on the progress of the building. In photographs! Well, we all know who’s a newspaper gal at heart, here, don’t we? (I just wish WordPress streamlined with InDesign CS3 so I could use a beautifully and artfully designed PDF page as my post today. So it was all graphically designed an all.)

So, please come on a tour of our school.

Here is the sign that greets you as you walk up to our ginormous building.

Soon this will be a real sign. On a real post. That people can really see from the interstate.

Soon this will be a real sign. On a real post. That people can really see from the interstate.

Walk in (pretend to open glass double-doors as pumping, upbeat music explodes at you from inside) and along the first hallway you’ll pass the reception area, my conference room (that gets a flat screen, yesssss) and arrive at the sophomore classroom. See below.


This is the sophomore classroom taken from the back since there were people gathered in front of it talking about interior design and such. You know, what makes the academy pretty. 🙂

Keep walking and you’ll hit the freshman classroom right next door. Don’t worry about the glass-enclosed auditorium on the left. We’ll get there in a minute.

Where all the freshmen spend their first five weeks. I love freshmen!

Where all the freshmen spend their first five weeks. I love freshmen!

OK, on the left we have our auditorium.

This room rocks, because it serves as our junior classroom … but wait, there’s more! It is going to have track spotlighting, as well as a movable stage where the students can hold their runway shows, where product distributors can hold their roll outs, etc. It’s going to be super sweet.

Moving on, we pass a storage room, a few offices, an advanced training room that also serves as a backstage staging area for those runway shows I mentioned, and the row of shampoo bowls. Then we get to my favorite room — my office. 🙂 (This is where I get to be a tiny smidge selfish.)


I get a window. Hehe. Looking out over I-475, so it’s a room with a pretty fantastic view. (Snark.) No, for real, I’m super stoked to have the natural light. If I didn’t have a window I might wither and die during this frigid Ohio winter. I think they’re going to move the equipment so I can fit me and a desk in. Maybe a space heater, too. I could only be so lucky.

Moving on, we see the dispensary bar, where students get their products for each client.

So there we have it. For now. Concrete is expected to be poured by the end of this week, and then things will really start flying. I can’t wait to update soon! 🙂

So mark your calendars. Nov. 24. Greatness is a comin’ to Toledo. Watch out!

* Now accepting applicants for the November and January classes — or just applicants in general! If it will entice you, I’ll sing this song in stereo with two of my a capella buddies conference called in on speaker phone. 😉

(If I have to explain that was a reference to “The Office,” you probably didn’t laugh and you don’t know me at all, huh?)



  1. Cool! How’d you get such an awesome job? Do you know Toni? Or Guy? 🙂 so where do you want to have lunch?

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