Posted by: Kristy | October 13, 2008

They shouldn’t encourage me — yet they do

Yesterday Jay, Ben, Susan and I took a trip to Fort Wayne after church. It’s one of those Sunday afternoon things we like to do on occasion to get out of the Lima area and just enjoy a day where we can have fun, enjoy each other’s company and turn our cell phones off if we want.

It always includes a visit to La Petite Chef (I love that kitchen store. That’s going to be the first place I register if I ever get married. 😉 Seriously.), a trip through the Starbuck’s drive thru across the street from the mall, and the special treat of spending hours — I mean it, last night was at least two hours — in the new Barnes & Noble or Border’s bookstores. Sometimes both. That’s why I love going with those three. We get each other. It’s so relaxing.

Anyway, the point of my rambling: I went on a mission to buy a good fall dress (check) and a turquoise or black belt (no luck), and knew I would probably pick up one of the books on my unending reading list. What I uncovered was a hidden treasure that made the trip worth it in and of itself.

Jay: “Kristin, get over here, quick! Look!”

Me: “Oh my gosh, seriously? That’s nuts! They finally made one. We have to get it!”

“The Office” board game.

Yes, I posed the game. It makes love to the camera nicely.

Yes, I posed the game. It makes love to the camera nicely.

Like a “Scene It,” but from NBC. We all know I love board games. We also know that I have a borderline unhealthy love of “The Office.”

Check out my treasure.

Of course, Jay and I played it last night. At 11 p.m.

He earned more Schrute Bucks than I did.

Damn him. 🙂

This now officially tied “Cranium Pop 5” as my favorite board game. Beware, anyone who comes over to my apartment for a game night. Those will be my first suggestions. I’m just sayin.



  1. I want one! hey, i haven’t forgotten about our lunch, i promise. things are just a bit crazy right now. okay, more than a bit. long story. maybe i’ll explain over lunch. how about a week from today?

  2. oops… would a weekend work better for you? we could do a week from saturday if that’s better.

  3. I saw a guy riding his bike outside of our office here wearing a “Schrute Beet Farms” T-shirt, and I was the only one who laughed.

    THANK GOODNESS someone else loves The Office like I do. Ha, ha.

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