Posted by: Kristy | September 26, 2008

It’s like going back in time two years

So, my venture last night into the alternate reality that is Dunder Mifflin, Scranton, did not disappoint. There were so many beautiful aspects to last night’s Season 5 premier of “The Office” (which I talk about way too much. I know. Get over it.)

The balance of plotlines, the excellent one-liners and the delicious awkwardness made it feel like I was watching Season 2 again, my favorite season bar none. The various events again felt as if they could happen in any office between any group of diverse and sometimes mismatched people, such as the group weight loss challenge and various people’s actions and reactions to the summer-long quest to collectively lose weight.

Ryan coming back as the temp — awesome. I’m even a big enough geek that I loved the joke about Zapf Chancery that Pam’s prof made in the typography class. Ah, designers. We’re a strange bunch.

I appreciated the personal storylines, too — the struggle for Jim and Pam to maintain their relationship despite a two-hour distance separating them (not an easy feat, I’ve been there), and Angela and Dwight’s inability to completely let go of their relationship (been there, too), and Holly’s attempts to acclimate to the office dynamics.

Sidebar: I love, love, LOVE Amy’s Holly. They need to extend her contract, that’s all I’m saying. I don’t even miss Toby, honestly. 🙂 “Holly is kind of a major dork.” Umm, yeah, that rap she did with Michael — priceless.

I also appreciated the realism of the big, much-anticipated Jim and Pam moment. I think everyone is still picking their jaws up off the floor from the subtlety and the shock.

Here’s a link to the full episode for those of you who missed it, courtesy of

\”Weight Loss\”

So there’s my fluffy post of the day. 🙂 Back to rocking hardcore excellent.


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