Posted by: Kristy | September 25, 2008

Sigh for Sarah

Also … I’m starting to decide I don’t know how much I like Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska). I’m not sure how much I could stand behind her if I voted for her and Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona). And yes, I’m going to leave it at that blanket statement for now. I know, I know, what kind of a journalist am I? A tired one. Who is still thinking. 🙂 I’m just saying … my “not sure” is becoming a bit more “sure.”

Partially on her literature censorship issue. (I have a soft spot for the First Amendment.)

Partially on her abortion stance. (I’m not for it, but I don’t think we can legislate morality or religion. I just don’t want to legislate against it. But hasn’t the God I follow given us all free will? So we are free to make our decisions and to face the consequences. That includes the choice to kill. I do, however, think we need more intensive education on the processes and effects of abortion. And I do think there are gray areas. If I were raped I would like to think I would have the baby and give it up for adoption. But I’ve never been in that situation so I can’t pretend to have a clue as to what I would do.)

Also, because I am joining the ranks who are wondering if the ability to see Russia from Alaska (!) counts as foreign relations experience. She may have a different perspective on domestic issues that could be a fresh perspective — and Lord knows we need a fresh perspective. And she’s charismatic enough that foreign strategy can be learned and taught.

I do think she could be an asset when it comes to energy research. I’ve said that before. And I read an interview where she came across as pretty hardcore when it comes to putting her nose to the grind stone and making things happen. I like her gumption.

There’s more from both sides of my brain. And I’m not just picking on her. There’s more from both sides on the others, too. I think it’s just that as a moderate who leans conservative I want to make sure I really, really examine all sides before going the opposite direction of how I normally vote, since I’m not necessarily shouting Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ilinois) name from the rooftops, either. I should just stop writing about this damn election.


Here’s an article on her interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson on Sept. 11, in case anyone wants to take a look.


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