Posted by: Kristy | September 22, 2008

If you look how you feel, than I should smoke in this dress.

It took hours of looking, thumbing through catalogues and searching online, wondering if I was going to have to do this showcase routine naked come Oct. 4 — the perfect costume is elusive.

Especially when you don’t want to spend more than $200 for a Latin dress. Well, I may not have found a stellar Latin dress, but I did find a fantastic dress for the purpose it has to serve. At Windsor, in the Franklin Park Mall, no less. For less than $100. Now that is a find, my friends. Anyone who’s had to buy a dance dress for competition or a show knows what a find that is.

Jay is such a trooper, too. He’s such a good dance partner, braving women’s dress stores with me during Homecoming season, when the mall is crawling with teenagers looking for any fabric that’s sparkly, spangly and sexy. I parked him on a chair next to the dressing rooms as I paraded back and forth in dress after dress, making him feel the fabric to make sure it wasn’t too slippery and he wouldn’t drop me, if the skirt was too long or too short, if he thought it showed off my legs enough, if it looked secure enough on top so I wouldn’t, ummm, give more of a show than necessary during any of our lifts. The best part was when I came out in this dress and his response was, “Kristin, we won’t even have to dance and they’ll give us a standing ovation if you wear that. Buy it.”

Comments like that make a girl feel good. 🙂 So here’s a picture, courtesy of the Windsor Web site.

Its not quite a Latin dress but it will suffice.

It's not quite a Latin dress but it will suffice.

And the back view …

I may not look this good in reality, but it makes me feel ridiculously hot, and there’s a confidence booster right there. So I guess we’ll see. 🙂

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