Posted by: Kristy | September 4, 2008

It’s going to get all Sharks and Jets up in here.

Also, before I succumb to slumber …

My body and my brain might have to rumble. I am exhausted, physically and emotionally. My feet are killing me from wearing heels at work all day and then again for four hours of dancing. I’m not complaining, mind. I love me shoes. And being 3 inches taller and thus not hobbit-sized. But add to this that my lower back hurts from being lifted a zillion times while my dance partner and I practiced and that my eyes are aching to crash shut and a logical person could determine the best solution is my waiting bed with my relatively new pillows.

However, tell that to my irrational, super-stimulated, over-analytical brain. The one that won’t freaking shut down for a blessed few hours. There is a running chatter going on up there somewhere, going ’round and ’round like a farmer’s crop rotation. Except instead of wheat-corn-soybeans-fallow-wheat I’m going marketing-students-personal life-praying-TIRED-marketing. Notice there’s no fallow.


I love this new job. It’s going to push me, push me, push me. There isn’t a system in place yet for what I’m supposed to be doing so I get to create one. Heehee. I get to organize and be creative and make things efficient and then make them more efficient … it’s great fun. It’s also great pressure. I’m already trying not to become overwhelmed and to take it one or two projects at a time. But my brain doesn’t understand this. No, my brain thinks when I’m not talking to anyone or focusing on a physical task I need to dwell on what needs to happen tomorrow, the struggles I’m going through personally, choreographing dance routines and trying to figure out how to schedule in time with all the people I say I’m going to hang out with (and who I do want to hang out with). As well as my spirit jumping in and wanting to spend oodles of time in passionate prayer — which I know we are to pray without ceasing but that contributes to my emotional exhaustion right now. I can only take so much before I spontaneously combust.

All very excellent and necessary pursuits. But again, if you look me closely in the eye my pupils are about to start spinning like a freaky cartoon. So I blog. And read. And watch this past season of “So You Think You Can Dance” on YouTube. And the only solution I’m looking for should be so simple. I just want my body and my brain to collide instead of keeping me up until 3:30 a.m. … 4 a.m. … midnight … when life likes to call awfully early in the morning these days.

Expect me to find a solution to the energy crisis and world peace by the end of the week at this rate.


  1. Kristin, that happens to me too! In fact, it’s happening right now. (Note, if you will, the time of this post.) Hang in there.
    I love your blog though: it’s so… you! My old friend Kristin just seeps through. It’s refreshing. So anyway, I’m serious about getting together. It sounds like your schedule is crazy, so maybe you’d better call the shots, but don’t drop me, kay? I’d love to be friends again. Here’s hoping to a good night’s sleep!

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