Posted by: Kristy | August 28, 2008

This is why they never give me time off.

Their photos ran down the side of my computer screen like a film strip, edges curled from being hit too many times when my boss and I were throwing budget lists back and forth, prompting people to coo and say, “Oh, are those yours?”

No. No, those aren’t my children, erm, wiener dogs. They’re the ones I wish I owned. But that’s all they are, pipe dreams. (Insert dramatic sigh, back of hand flung to forehead)

Those pictures made me smile on tough deadlines. They gave me a chuckle after yet another irate reader screamed in my ear and hung up the telephone on me just to have someone to whom to vent. They gave my co-workers daaaaays worth of fodder with which to mock me.

Hamlet. El Chico. Roscoe. Elmo. And everyone’s favorite … Muffin Man.


Well I think he's cute. So there!

Let me rephrase that. Kristin’s favorite to dream of adopting. Everyone’s favorite to make fun of her for because he was old and toothless and his tongue hung out the side of his mouth and he has health problems and seemingly is dying. I still wanted to to adopt him and give him a home and love him

Since Muffin is adopted and I accidentally left my photo roll of other dogs that will never join my household taped to my computer for the new girl to oogle (psh, right), I started looking for that new dachshund to dream of adopting. (Which, by the way, will not actually happen for a very, very long time. I don’t have the time to care for a dog. I don’t have the money to pay for a wiener dog’s inevitable back problems. Oh, and I’m not allowed per the terms of my lease. Sigh.)

The MidWest Dachshund Rescue is my favorite site to stalk. I’m also picky, so they don’t always have many younger, short-haired male minis. But recently I found Tucker. He’s 2 years old, only weights 10 pounds and is stinking cute.

I realize all of my looking is in vain for now, but it keeps my dream alive until I can actually get Earnie. And everyone in my life will breath a collective sigh of relief because I will finally quit talking about getting a damn wiener dog named Earnie. And then they will actually have to deal with (or love!) having Earnie in our lives. What a blissful day that will be. 😉

Because someday? I will be one of these people and it will be delicious:

I will now find other ways of filling my beautiful down time and leave the blogosphere alone.



  1. It will truely be an awesome day when u finally get your ‘damn’ weiner dog! Your word, not mine. :p ‘collective sigh of relief’… ah yes… lol!! muffin man is prolly dead now… after two weeks in the real world, it most likely proved too much for him and he passed on… due to his liver giving out from all the drugs he had to take cause of all his other problems. lol. Ok, i’ll stop now. 😀 fyi, anyone reading this, i really like dogs, [hate cats], i just give kristin a hard time. 😀

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