Posted by: Kristy | August 26, 2008

Even I’m not (quite) this bad

This story about two 28-year-old men who took a cross-country trip to uphold the virtue of correct grammar made me laugh, roll my eyes … yet still was a bit of an intellectual turn on. 🙂

“We’re not going after people in a self-righteous manner, like fashion police. Or trying to make them look stupid,” Deck said in a March 29 article in the Boston Globe. “Instead, we’re addressing specific errors like confusing ‘its’ for ‘it’s’ or ‘you’re” for ‘your.’ Finding and correcting these, even every once in a while, is incredibly satisfying.”

Alas, the quest ended this month when the pair were arrested after being accused of using a whiteout product and permanent market to deface a rare handwritten sign at the Grand Canyon — a sign that’s considered a National Historic Landmark. They pleaded guilty to vandalism and are banned from national parks for a year, as well as having to pay slightly more than $3,000 in fines, as reported Aug. 22 in the Globe. (Information also is available from The Arizona Republic.)

Even I think defacing property — including a national park sign — is taking the quest for beautiful copy a bit far. Props to Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson for heart but question, gentlemen: Couldn’t find a different method than defacing others’ property? Especially government property? Really?

Anyone else want to take up their quest, using snarky little “friendly reminder” sticky notes instead of more, um, permanent methods? Just to get the point across? Call me, I’ll fill up the gas tank. 😉


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