Posted by: Kristy | August 22, 2008

The end of a (shortish) era. So I guess an era-ette.

I smell more than coffee coming from the back room. I think … is it … it is! Nina’s sloppy joe mix. So. Exciting. 🙂

There’s food in the break room, tables and tables of it. A carry-in means we’re either celebrating something or saying goodbye to someone.

Oh, we are saying goodbye. To me. :-\ Today was “officially” my final day as assistant managing editor of the Wapakoneta Daily News. As in, it’s the day I told Bill months ago was my last day. But when on Tuesday he said, “Kris-tin. Can you stick around next week to train the new girl?” in that sing-song “I still need you” voice, I caved. What can I say? If this girl’s taking over designing my pages and covering my beat and sitting at my desk, (especially designing my pages) I’m going to make sure she at least gets a good start in doing it correctly.

(Who’s a micromanager? *waves hand manically* Ooh, ooh, pick me!)

(What? I just know how I like things done is all. I have a system. It’s worked for more than two years. I may as well show someone else what works. She can tweak it all she wants when I’m gone.)

As I continue throwing random items from my desk in a box, trying to get a head start on inside pages so they’re not panicking next week, and update my little “training guides” for things like managing the Web site, I’m starting to get a little sad.

I mean, this is a great job. I have editorial freedom, I get to put my hands all over Page 1A every morning, I get paid to make pages prettier and take photographs and be nosy and talk to people about their business. And tell stories. I get paid to tell stories!

It’s just time for a breath of fresh air. Time for a change, a new season, if you will. But I will miss this place. I’ll miss the people even more. My co-workers with all our silliness. My boss and his wife, who have become a set of second parents. The members of the school board I cover who have been ridiculously enjoyable to work with. (Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll probably even miss the Waynesfield village council. They’re just too zany not to miss.)

So … we’ll see. This time next week I’m going to be sitting in a coffee shop trying to figure out how to get people to come learn the coolest, most cutting-edge haircutting, coloring and styling techniques. I’m going over to the Dark Side — public relations. *insert dramatic music*

Not forever. 🙂 Just until I miss news so much it drives me back. But this will be a very fun adventure. With traveling. I like traveling. One of my first orders of business is to find training in NYC and get myself there. Stat. (And yes, I just said stat.)

Soooooooo, yeah. But for now I still work here. So I’m going back to work. Here.

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