Posted by: Kristy | August 20, 2008

Maybe I’ll put carpet squares on my living room floor, like we had in kindergarten

So today, two weeks exactly after I made my first big-girl new furniture purchase, I called to check the status of said furniture.

Only to find out the fabric I chose is back ordered (but there’s apparently no need to inform the retailer so they can tell the customer, moi) and won’t be to the manufacturer for another three weeks. Not to mention the two ADDITIONAL weeks needed to actually make my pretty couch, chair and ottoman.

The sweet girl at the store and I had a chuckle when I laughed and said how comfy my floor is, and she promised to try to get a rush on it.

But, but … I really want it. It’s so pretty. And comfy. See?

We struck gold — and a sale to boot.

We struck gold — and a sale to boot.

Pretty. Comfy.

I’ll just oogle the photo as I write curled up next to my end table that’s not on the end of anything yet.

Please still feel free to come over. Pull up a patch of floor. We’ll pour some Reisling and play duck-duck-goose. 🙂



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