Posted by: Kristy | August 19, 2008

Spring, fall or a little bit of both?

I’m starting a new season of life.

Maybe starting is the wrong word. I’ve been slowly transitioning into this new season for the past … however long. It started as winter — March-ish — the time when you start to think that something fresh might be around the corner.

Then you get the first good warm stretch, the blanket of snow that had brought everything a ho-hum commonplace quality in life vanishes for a bit and you see the potential for what lies ahead.

That’s how things have been since, oh, January for me. I started thinking about changing jobs. Then I started looking for jobs. Then I actually interviewed for jobs. Then … I GOT A NEW JOB. What seemed like my dream job (not my dream location).

And I turned it down.


That’s because I decided not only to change jobs but to change industries. Yikes!

So for three months I’ve been in fall, where you see the end of something good approaching. What lies ahead will have beautiful part, but you’re also not sure of how intense it’s going to be so you try to prepare for it as best you can but, seriously? You have no idea what to expect.

So this new season can either be fall, where I always mourn a little the end of something magical and wonderful that had become comfortable and sweetly simple. Or I can view it as spring, with something fresh and exciting and also beautiful ready to greet me every morning in unexpected ways.

Or maybe I’ll combine the two. 🙂

The next month will be a trip and a half — but hopefully a really fun road trip. I should burn a new CD for the ride.


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